The Tii U is an in-universe console made by Thomasfan6 Studios released on August 25, 2015 based off the Nintendo Wii U, suceeding the original Tii released in 2010. In terms of lore, the Tii U came out to a successful launch and became Thomasfan6 Studios (later ATL Studios)' flagship console where all Thomasfan6 Studios' biggest titles would be released on following their revival in 2015. Selling features for the Tii U included an included tablet controller and connectivity with Thomnux/Alphix Mint systems. However, Tii U system and game sales began to decline as with the rest of ATL Studios. The console was succeeded by the release of the ATL Studios Change on October 21, 2016. However, both were discontinued after ATL Studios goes bankrupt in early 2017 and is bought out by Expintertainment.

Games Edit

  • Rarity and Gilda Adventures in Beach City (8/29/15)
  • Sodor Railway Friends: A New Beginning (4/16/16)
  • Cat Simulator U (4/17/16)
  • Call of DEWty: MLG Warfare (5/24/16)
  • WinCity (5/25/16)
  • Sooper Epic Fighters for Tii U (5/25/16)
  • Rescue of Anibi (8/11/16)

Trivia Edit

  • An "HD" model of the Tii U was created by TheOneTestingAccount, however it is considered unofficial due to being made without ExpitheCat's permission.
  • The games Sodor Railway Friends: A New Beginning and WinCity are based off existing (albeit incomplete) ROBLOX games that ExpitheCat was working on at the time.
  • The use of Rescue of Anibi as a game marks the first public use of Tomcat (ExpitheCat's fursona between 2011 and 2016) and also uses an early name for ExpitheCat's series that later became The Two Cats.