ThomRuffey is a NXTransit truck model created by ExpitheCat in 2011. The model was designed from Jacksbox's Model 293, a NXTransit version of S.C. Ruffey and is recolored white and a bunch of decals are added all over the truck.

The idea for a truck like this came up seemingly out of nowhere by ExpitheCat, and he continued to make this idea based off the models.


The decals found on the truck are as follows:

  • ThomWindows 95 logo
  • =3 face
  • ThomWindows 1337 logo
  • Cheezburger logo
  • "The Cake is a LIE!"
  • Egg Flakes
  • ThomWindows Vista logos
  • Plants vs Noobs logo
  • Picture of GIR
  • Thomasfan6 Studios 2011 logo


  • When the model was first made, the S.C. Ruffey logo sometimes would show through the ThomWindows 95 and ThomWindows 1337 logos. This wasn't fixed until March 15, 2014.