ThomFortress 2 was a CTF game originally thought up by ExpitheCat around Early 2011. The game was originally intended to be a Team Fortress 2 clone with sword-based combat that was planned to have it's own line of characters with corresponding weapon loadouts matching the characters, which were also to be named after ExpitheCat's friends and characters. The idea was first thought up early in 2011, matched by the "Meet the Thomasfan6" episode in the ROBLOX Spoofs series, which was also intended to be a miniseries spoofing the Meet the Classes trailers used to promote Team Fortress 2.

In 2011, a small map that was very loosely based off the 2fort map in Team Fortress 2 using two recolored versions of the Big House model. While there was more detailed maps intended for the game, and more ideas for different classes were intended, the game ended up being left on hiatus with a very slow development cycle and was soon cancelled due to ExpitheCat's lack of overall scripting knowledge.

Planned Characters

  • Thomasfan6 (intended to parody Heavy)
  • Thomasrox1/Nooby Robloxian (intended to parody Scout(?))
  • Joonas08Joonas (intended to parody Spy)
  • Tuxedoman23
  • TopGunJones


  • In August 2017, the name "ThomFortress 2" ended up being reused for a 2007 Team Fortress 2 client. ExpitheCat also had the idea of renaming the characters to match the original ThomFortress 2 plans as well as some other, new names, however this idea was scrapped due to him not knowing the placement of TF2 character names.