ROBLOX Gone LOL: The Movie was a cancelled movie by ExpitheCat originally intended to be released in Fall 2012. The film would've been based off the "ROBLOX Gone LOL" series, and the idea had been floated around during the entirety of that year. However, it was ultimately cancelled after the first part was uploaded due to lack of interest. The concept for a ROBLOX Gone LOL movie with a similar plot was thought up of again in 2014 and 2015 as a way to conclude the series, but was ultimately scrapped again due to lack of interest.


The plot of the movie would've had thomasfan6 losing his job, and due to failure of other jobs, ends up losing his home, and also loses his friends due to his incompetence. Being in such a bad position, thomasfan6 tries to make up with his friends and improve his life by creating a script intended to clean up and restore certain places by using versions of them in the past, however testing this script ends up sending thomasfan6 to the future, where he and his future self (who is still homeless and in poverty) have to team up in order to take down Evilfang6 and Badblox.