ROBLOX Epicsodes was a series created by ExpitheCat on May 8, 2010, starting off with "The I-Fell Tower" and ending on December 4, 2010 with "Sinking Ship." The series uses an approach inspired by Alexnewtron's now taken down Crazy Robloxian series and was the first documented series by ExpitheCat.

Like a lot of ExpitheCat's early videos, the series was notorious for being extremely poorly made, with a low framerate, bad quality and distorted sound, however it is looked back on as the first major series by ExpitheCat and the one that led him to getting into Youtube and video editing as a hobby.


  1. The I-Fell Tower
  2. Bad Mother's Day
  3. The ROBLOX Lighthouse
  4. Blame John
  5. PacROBLOX
  6. The LOLWUT Cupcake
  7. The Waffle
  8. Hall of Noob Traps
  9. Wizard of LOLWUT (pts. 1/2/3)
  10. Halloween Special
  11. The Fail Train
  12. Sinking Ship

Quickies/Related Videos

  • The Cursed Waffle Tape
  • The Day clockwork got BANNED!
  • Egg Fail
  • The big ROBLOX Dance Remix


  • Originally, The Wizard of LOLWUT was seen by ExpitheCat as the season 1 finale of ROBLOX Epicsodes, with the second season starting with the following episode which ended up being Halloween Special. However, since the series was cancelled, the second season only lasted three episodes not counting the two quickies
  • PacROBLOX was made in observance of the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man.
  • The ROBLOX Lighthouse was filmed at a place created by one of ExpitheCat's friends at the time, tuxedoman23.
  • The last two episodes, "The Fail Train" and "Sinking Ship" were ideas submitted by ExpitheCat's friend Joonas08Joonas.
  • Oddly enough, the intro takes up the vast majority of the "Egg Fail" video.
  • "The Waffle" was largely inspired by the Onion Ring episode of the Annoying Orange, which in itself was a parody of "The Ring." Like the Annoying Orange episode, a cursed waffle tape was also uploaded to go along with the video.
  • A lot of ROBLOX Epicsodes videos, most notoriously "The LOLWUT Cupcake" have a lot of filler dialogue due to the low framerates which grew the length of the videos.