Fourteen months at sp00ks is a place made by ExpitheCat as a quick joke and parody of horror games such as Five Nights at Freddy's and Bendy and the Ink Machine.

The game was made following another parody horror game by ExpitheCat on one of his alt accounts with the title "seven days at sp00ks." In the game, you are in a seemingly abandoned prison trying to dodge the characters from killing you for as long as possible. The characters are generally faster than you, but you are able to go in prison cells, bathrooms and showers for ten seconds at a time to dodge the characters. Every time a character kills you, a skeleton will pop up and "spooky scary skeletons" will play, accompanied by another song played depending on the character.

The place started on June 21, 2017 as a team create and since it was made as a quick joke, not many updates were made and it's been deemed unsupported.


  • Peter Griffin/Beter (Family Guy)
  • Cory (Cory in the House)
  • Green de la Bean/Bean Man
  • Inspector Gadget/Brown Bricks
  • Tito Dick (The Nutshack)
  • Poo Pants
  • Seinfeld
  • Donald Trump
  • Robbie Rotten/Number One (LazyTown)
  • Shirts and Pants/John Doe/Uuhhh
  • Shrek
  • Barry B. Benson (Bee Movie)
  • Misha/Pokemon Go Kid
  • Woodman


  • While the characters are able to run faster than you, sometimes they end up getting stuck in the walls or in the prison cells.