ExpitheCat is the creator of Expintertainment and this wikia. In the past he has gone under a variety of

usernames, such as thomasfan6 and AlphystheLizard over the years and classifies himself as an INFP,

socialist and furry. He was born in 2001, and is currently at the age of 17. His history is divided up into a few different eras.

Childhood (2001-2009)

Due to being very young in this period, not much is known from his history at this point. Some things that are known, however, is that he was first born on April 24, 2001 in the city of Columbus, Ohio. While in Ohio, he moved between three different houses until moving to Kentucky in 2005.

After financial issues with his family, ExpitheCat moved away from Ohio to Kentucky during the summer of 2005. Not long after this, he begins preschool and starts Elementary school in 2006. In this period, he is introduced to computers around this time, starting off with a Windows 98 machine and later a Dell Dimension 1100, running Windows XP Home Edition later in the year of 2005. He is also introduced to gaming by his brother at a young age, starting off with consoles such as the PlayStation and Xbox and playing Thomas and Friends games on PC. Around this time, he's also very much into Thomas and Friends as he collects merchandise, mostly Thomas Wooden Railway items. Around 2007, his brother gives him a Game Boy Advance SP after getting a DS Lite, which becomes his first source of video games. In 2006, he is introduced to Youtube, which he uses to watch Thomas and Friends content consisting of Thomas Wooden Railway videos and actual Thomas and Friends episodes.

Around October 2007, part of his family temporarily moves to Connecticut due to personal issues, but comes back around July 2008. During this time, a number of cartoons begin airing that begin to draw his attention, namely Chowder and Garfield and Friends, which later become inspirations for his interest in writing. In February 2009, ExpitheCat joins ROBLOX for the first time on an account under the title of "CatLoverTyson." However, this account is "hacked" later that year due to being left open on a library computer. That, combined with the fact that it was a safe chat account tied to his mom's e-mail, he rejoins ROBLOX in August 2009 on a new account under the name of "thomasfan6" which becomes his main account from then on.

Around 2008 and 2009, ExpitheCat grows interest in Thomas Wooden Railway videos from watching it and begins to have ideas for a Thomas Wooden Railway series. However, since he did not have access to a video camera at the time, a lot of ideas are kept to himself and he comes up with episodes that he acts out on his own. The idea of Thomas Wooden Railway series is still floated around for the next few years however and is also a source of inspiration for his interest in writing in the long run.

Preteen/Teen Era (2010-2015)

Around 2010, ExpitheCat's interest in ROBLOX begins to grow. He starts following the ROBLOX blog more, and starts to meet friends and join groups on ROBLOX. He also starts to build more on ROBLOX, starting off with Thomasfan6's Movie Theater, his first major ROBLOX place where he updates throughout the year of 2010. He begins to participate in ROBLOX contests as well, where he starts to win hats. In March 2010, he creates a Youtube channel known as "thomasfan69"

However, things don't really change for him until April of 2010. For Easter, his mother buys him a 6-month subscription to Builder's Club, initially so he can obtain more than 6 eggs during the year's egg hunt, but over time becomes a way for him to create more places and become a more active developer on ROBLOX. Not long after he gets Builder's Club, he starts a ROBLOX group under the name of Thomas and Friends fans, which starts off fairly successful with a huge number of members. This also becomes a pathway for meeting a number of other ROBLOX users and friends. Through this group, he meets Joonas6 (who later becomes known as Joonas08Joonas) who becomes a good friend of his and starts a circle of friends that is later known as "The Gang." This over time becomes an inspiration for buildings and games over time. Around this time as well, the Thomasfan6 Studios name is coined for the first time in his place, the Thomasfan6 Studios headquarters and is used in his Youtube channel as well.

After two months on Youtube, ExpitheCat uploads his second video and first major/ROBLOX video under the name of "ROBLOX Epicsodes The I-Fell Tower." This begins a first ROBLOX series known as ROBLOX Epicsodes. He starts off as a very poor Youtuber, due to his videos being uploaded in 144p from not knowing Windows Movie Maker well and the framerate is uploaded at 1 FPS due to using CamStudio, which ended up being very heavy combined with ROBLOX on his old computer. Over time, however, his videos improve as he becomes more experienced with Windows Movie Maker (jumping his video quality up to 480p) and using FRAPS which improves the framerate of his videos and lessens the lag. In September 2010, he uploads ROBLOX Gone LOL inspired by the ROBLOX Gone Crazy style used by JJ5x5, which becomes his longest running and most worked on series.

Originally, ExpitheCat considered 2010 a bad year, due to things like the cancellation of Chowder and issues against ROBLOX, however he has considered it a good year in the long run due to having high inspiration throughout for things like Youtube and ROBLOX and meeting a number of friends, some of which he has stuck with.

Towards the last week of 2010, following Christmas ExpitheCat earns Christmas money that he uses to buy a ROBLOX card and a copy of Super Mario World for the Game Boy Advance. As he gets the latter around a week later, he begins to play through the game, enjoying it all the way through. This becomes a crucial point in his growth as this is what begins an interest in video games that grows throughout the year. Around this time, his personality begins to heavily expand as he finds things he becomes interested in. His interest in video game grows as he starts to get into the Mario series and researches about Nintendo history, where he discovers gaming youtubers such as the Angry Video Game Nerd. He also grows interest in companies like Nintendo and Sega around this time. As well, his interest in computers grow as he grows interest in operating systems and their history. This results in a new line he creates known as ThomWindows, an in-universe line of computers he builds on ROBLOX based off the Windows line and other types of operating systems. The first of this line is uploaded as a model in January 2011, known as ThomWindows XP. A month later he creates the ThomMac, and the next day he releases a batch of ThomWindows computers as a response to the JoonWindows line that his friend Joonas08Joonas creates. Around this time, he also grows interest in classic Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network shows that he begins to regularly watch on Netflix, which expands his interest in cartoons and becomes a minor member in a small cartoon community on Youtube after uploading two videos - Top 10 Worst Cartoon Network Shows (which was deleted a couple years after being uploaded due to him not agreeing with it anymore) and the Top 10 Best Shows (which is still on Youtube but is unlisted for the same reason). After his interest in cartoons grows, he begins to conceptualize his own cartoon with a cast of characters made by him, which expands and changes over the years. In March of 2011, his first OC is created under the name of "Thomasfan6," a blue version of Percy with the "1337" number on his side. This becomes commonly used in train RPs and Thomas-related places throughout the year of 2011.

Toward the beginning of 2011, ExpitheCat begins to conceptualize a Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway series using his digital camera. In March, a list of episode ideas is uploaded to his original blog, and a month later he films the first part of Trains vs. Zombies. However, this ultimately gets cancelled for various reasons. For his birthday in 2011, ExpitheCat obtains a Nintendo DS, which becomes his main handheld and platform for a while and around May 2011, his old computer breaks down causing him to use his parents' computer for the next year. The computer ends up being a Gateway Windows Vista machine that is more powerful than his old computer. He is now able to play ROBLOX without often having heavy amounts of lag, and this ends up increasing his video editing skills and his overall inspiration through the end of 2011 and 2012.

In Summer 2011, ExpitheCat experiences his first plane ride and visits his grandparents in Arizona for the first time in years. He ends up meeting one of his relatives that at the time becomes good friends with, and ends up playing the Nintendo Wii for the first time while at his grandfather's house. After playing it, ExpitheCat begins to ask for a Nintendo Wii for Christmas, which he ends up getting and using as his main console for games, mostly Nintendo exclusives and the Virtual Console. As he begins 5th grade after coming back, his parents end up discussing moving to Colorado after his dad gets a job offer, which they end up doing at the start of 2012. Finally, Q3 of the year sees ExpitheCat getting into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (becoming a "brony") and his friends becoming focused on Mini RPs at places such as Mini/Mega Building and Build on the Earth, created by Joonas08Joonas. However, around this time he begins to lose interest in Thomas and Friends.

Overall, 2011 is considered to be potentially the best year for ExpitheCat. While there were some minor issues along the way (especially a bug infestation that happens while he's at Arizona), this ends up being a year where he sees a lot of change happen and experiences from this year end up sticking with him as good memories up to the present.

Going into 2012 was fairly rocky, due to ExpitheCat's unfamiliarity with Colorado and feeling strange in a new area, however he begins to grow to like the state and becomes comfortable with it soon after. 2012 sees more of the same as 2011, as ExpitheCat gets into the Wii and DS a lot more and continues with video editing while on a newer computer. He visits his grandparents in Arizona again that summer, but this experience ends up not being as good as in 2011 due to him being away from his friends and arguments with his family occur, mostly over stress of the 2012 election. However, he still enjoys this vacation despite issues. In this year, he begins to get ideas for collecting old consoles as well, where he starts with the Gamecube (due to the Wii Family Edition not being backwards compatible) and also obtains a Nintendo 64 and PlayStation at the end of the year, as well as also obtaining a Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and a 2DS over the next couple years. Around September 2012, he changes his Youtube name to "Bandicoot Brony," which he names from being a brony and fan of the Crash Bandicoot series. ExpitheCat begins middle school starting sixth grade, however he starts doing poorly in education and begins to become more moody overall during the end of 2012. Despite Q4 of 2012 being considered fairly mixed by ExpitheCat, 2012 otherwise is considered a good year by him and his friends due to having good memories of RPs and him also getting a new cat named Bo in November, following the re-election of Barack Obama.

However, unlike 2011/2012, 2013 becomes an ultimate low for ExpitheCat and is what he considers his least favorite year of his life. 2013 represents him becoming more moody and mean-spirited, both due to starting puberty and other things happening around him. Around this time, he is downgraded to his old computer again after it is finally fixed, which shows it's age even more than it did in 2011. At this point, he is unable to play a number of games with his friends and as well isn't able to film ROBLOX videos due to heavy amounts of lag no matter the recording software he uses. Because of this, a hiatus in his videos occurs, as until Christmas of 2013 (when he gets a new computer), he only uploads 7 videos with one of them simply being a reupload of an older video, which is marginally less than in 2011 and 2012. He also ends up being caught in a load of drama with his family throughout the entire year, and on April 14, 2013 he ends up losing his cat Tyson, a cat he has since he was four, which ends up becoming a huge source of depression in 2013. Summer 2013 ends up not being very good for ExpitheCat, after his family moves into another house in Colorado (following the end of his initial house's lease/rent) which ends up being miles away from his school and being generally "isolated" from where he initially lived. The beginning of July that year sees him becoming IP banned from ROBLOX (most likely due to an excess of trolling alts he used) and him becoming perma-banned from ROBLOX. After sending the appeal, however, this ban is reduced to a 3-day ban, but this becomes a crucial part in him beginning to change his behavior. Due to this and bullying from the ROBLOX forums, he ends up leaving the ROBLOX forums, which he does for the next year or so. Toward him going back to school, he joins Equestria Forums, which however he acts just as poorly on. While he doesn't get banned, he ends up feeling awful for his act during this year and begins to change over the next year. Despite 2013 otherwise being a very unlucky year for ExpitheCat, the end of the year ends up being on a decent note, as he gets into Thomas and Friends again in August 2013, and begins a Youtube channel known as "Gamer Brony" where he begins to start up plans for a new Thomas Wooden Railway series known as Sodor Railway Friends. He also obtains a new computer running Windows 8 for Christmas in 2013, which helps to hold him over for playing ROBLOX and video editing over the next year. Overall, however, 2013 is ultimately considered the worst year for ExpitheCat.

Following him getting a new computer for Christmas of 2013, ExpitheCat decides to return to ROBLOX game development and video editing after not being able to while on his old computer. As he continues to make plans for his Sodor Railway Friends web series, he decides to further publicize it in a few ways. Around this time, he decides to make a NXTransit Thomas and Friends game under the name of Sodor Railway Friends based off the series, which involves a NXTransit Thomas and Friends layout and tools for building and inserting trains. Despite originally being a game for his friends to join, Sodor Railway Friends became heavily popular with Thomas and Friends fans during the next few years, and has become his most popular place that he has made, at over 32,000 visits, 461 favorites and 77 likes, which especially spiked around Summer 2016 following the game being released for Xbox One. As well, he creates a deviantart account under the name of GamerTTTEBrony which he uses as his main username for websites throughout the year of 2014. He originally uses this DeviantART account to promote Sodor Railway Friends and upload photographs of his Thomas Wooden Railway layouts and ROBLOX Thomas scenes, however over time it becomes used for other purposes.

In March of 2014, things change for him again as he moves into a new house. This house becomes a more permanent location from then on, and is generally closer to his school and not as heavily isolated as the house his family moved in during the year of 2013. At the end of March, he joins MLPForums as SuperNESBrony, where he meets a sleuth of new people and begins to write a review series months later. Following this, ExpitheCat obtains his Thomas merchandise from storage nearly three years after the bug infestation in which he begins to return working on Sodor Railway Friends. Finally, he begins the series on June 16, 2014, nearly a year after getting back into Thomas and Friends. Following the creation of the series, however, the series ends up only having eight episodes in total, consisting of the beginning arc. As he films the series, ExpitheCat begins to lose interest in creating the series due to complications over things like the camera's small battery life and him not having access to a microphone toward later episodes (mostly due to it being used by his brother). He also begins not liking the layout being set up in his room, which gives him the idea to film using different scenes set up by him. This is used in the ninth episode in the series, however it is never uploaded to Youtube despite being filmed and edited. ExpitheCat considers taking a break from the series and eventually going back to it with more fresh and original ideas. At the beginning of his eighth grade year, a family emergency arises causing him to go to Arizona for a week. This inspires him to brainstorm new ideas for the series, where his original plan is to cut the season short but finish with another 5 episodes. Coming back, he writes the script to the then ninth episode of the series under the name of "Sir Handel and the Talyllyn Railway." However, after filming, his interest in the series decreases once again, and ultimately the series is officially cancelled. After cancelling the series, the Sodor Railway Friends episodes and other videos are unlisted on his Gamer Brony account. He considers the cancellation of Sodor Railway Friends his greatest disappointment from being hyped for nearly a year but cancelled eight episodes in due to lack of motivation and complications from filming.

After Sodor Railway Friends is cancelled, ExpitheCat moves back to his main account where he begins making videos again, doing a few Let's Plays and an MLPForums simulator and ultimately going back to ROBLOX videos. In August 2014, he creates a Steam account as a way to find games to play with his friends (mostly Unturned and Garry's Mod), which ends up beginning a greater interest in PC gaming as a whole, something that sticks with him up to the present. In October 2014, he redoes his MLP review series due to not being satisfied with his original reviews in May, where he reviews each episode individually each day up until he catches up with the series. This takes around 4 months to complete, but ends up giving him a way to shed light on MLP episodes and bring up his interest in writing. He ends up rejoining the ROBLOX Forums, mostly Off Topic once again as well. At the end of this year, he meets up with TeratheGreat, who becomes another good friend of his. Ultimately, despite the cancellation of Sodor Railway Friends, 2014 is considered by ExpitheCat to be a good year, as his life is put back on track after the low that was 2013 and where things begin to settle down for him again. 2014 is also considered the beginning of his mid-teen era.

As 2015 begins, ExpitheCat continues and finishes his MLP review series, and goes on to review other things, such as video games and other cartoons. His Steam collection begins to grow around this time, and he is also introduced to another forum board under the name of World of Equestria (later called Scarlet's Web). 2015 brings another series of expanded interests that come at what he considers the height of this era. He once again conceptualizes the idea of his own cartoon toward Spring of 2015, which ends up being expanded as more of a philosophical adventure series in the light of shows like MLP:FiM and Steven Universe. He also ponders with the idea of building his own gaming PC as his Dell Inspiron quickly begins to show it's age due to it's Celeron processor and inability to run games like Sonic Generations at decent framerates. This idea continues to become inspired following his brother building a PC of his own. Early in the year, he also gets his first laptop, which becomes a basis for him to test a sleuth of different operating systems on. This begins to give him an interest in operating systems and computers once again similar to in 2011. May 2015 sees the end of his ROBLOX Gone LOL series which he worked on since September 2010, however following that his Youtube channel is considered to have lost it's identity mostly due to focusing on a random sleuth of different videos and not simply keeping to one topic like it had been before.

During Summer 2015, he visits Arizona once again to meet up with his grandparents nearly a year after the family emergency occuring. He enjoys doing so, and starts to become familiar with the Linux Mint OS which he uses throughout his vacation. This ends up inspiring him to go back to work under Thomasfan6 Studios, and he ends up creating Thomnux Mint, which ends up being used as the official end of the ThomWindows line of models and begins a line of in-universe Linux based OSes. He also uses this as a way to make other models based on computers with the Thomnux Mint operating system, as well as the Tii U and 3TS and he also ends up creating a new Thomasfan6 Studios Headquarters as more of a remake of his original place. This ends up being used in a joke competition with Thomasfan6 Studios against Joontropolis, his friend's in-universe company. Towards the end of the year, his brother gives him parts to build his own computer, which he ends up doing, however he doesn't use it much until he gets a new case and heatsink a few months later due to heating from using an old case and (potentially broken) stock cooler. Around this time, he gets into Undertale and becomes a major fan of it throughout the rest of 2015 and all of 2016. 2015 is looked back on as one of ExpitheCat's favorite years, with it being in competition of 2011, due to his interests in things like art and writing peaking around this time, especially towards the middle, and due to him majorly getting into PC gaming.

Expi Era (2016-Present)

Going into 2016, ExpitheCat decides to rename his ROBLOX username to AlphystheLizard, after the Undertale character Dr. Alphys as a way to drop his thomasfan6 name he originally used. Not long later, he decides to change his Youtube name to Alphys the Lizard as well. The Alphys name and it's different forms becomes universal throughout his accounts. A day after changing his name, he changes his ROBLOX "company" to ATL Studios to coincide with the change and comes out with Alphix Mint and other computer models. Towards the beginning of 2016, ExpitheCat starts to suffer from major anxiety attacks due to guilt from his past and anxiety over his future career. This is fueled by bullying on the ROBLOX forums, which he decides to leave once again. These anxiety attacks plague a lot of his behavior and motivation to do things, as his review series begins to take a major hiatus. During Spring of 2016, his anxiety settles down a bit and he becomes more calm over time. He ends up creating a Discord account as well as opening a server named SuperALPHYSBrony's Grand Server for use by his friends. However, anxiety hits him once again in the middle of Q3 of 2016 at the beginning of his Sophomore year. In August 2016, Scarlet's Web ends up shutting down and not long later ExpitheCat leaves MLPForums due to issues with the community and staff. His first semester of Sophomore year ends up seeing him go down mostly in his Literature class which brings him more anxiety as the year comes to and end, and events such as the 2016 election end up fueling this even more. In September 2016, he replaces his former "Tomcat" fursona with a new fursona named Expi, giving a complete overhaul of his fursona and continuing with his cartoon ideas. He begins to go under the alias of Expi on Discord at the time and over the new few months begins to change his alias on other websites as well. Around this time, he begins to play Paladins, a free-to-play FPS title on Steam, which later leads him to pick up Overwatch and his interest in ROBLOX begins to decline toward the end of the year, which is also contributed by the removal of PBS games and voxel terrain that occurs this year, indicating an end of an era for "The Gang" as PBS games had been the biggest source of them going on ROBLOX and playing with each other. 2016 overall is seen as a very mixed year for ExpitheCat, as while he has a good Spring and finishes his PC build, issues such as anxiety rising, going down in education and the 2016 election lead him to feel mixed overall about the year, and is what ends what he considers his mid-teen era.

After having a good Christmas 2016, 2017 starts off with a lot of potential for ExpitheCat. At the beginning of the year, he announces that he will be quitting ROBLOX as a full-time game and that he will mostly go on it whenever he feels like playing as opposed to being on it all the time like before. He also creates a new Youtube channel called "ExpithePCNerd" and renames his main one to "ExpitheCat" In February 2017, he ends up going on a plane ride to Columbus, Ohio, the city where he was born in and gets a newer and more powerful computer build under the name of the Gamecube 2 after returning. During Q1 2017, begins to transition his online accounts to take the Expi name and different forms of it. As he returns to playing ROBLOX in March, he decides to scrap ATL Studios and replaces it with Expintertainment, starting off with a new, completely redesigned headquarters place and a new series of computer models intended as art equipment and hardware. As well after returning to his trip, he formally announces Town of Anibi as an upcoming webseries with a To Be Determined date. Following this, he creates personality bios for the main cast of characters and moves his deviantART account to ExpitheCat after three years of using GamerTTTEBrony. On April 23rd, he then changed his ROBLOX name to ExpitheCat. For his birthday the following day, Expi ended up getting a Wacom pen tablet, which contributed to him getting more into making art digitally as opposed to traditionally with pencil and paper and taking a picture of it. As Summer Vacation approached, Expi's brother ended up moving to a different house, which ended up being a surprise for Expi's family. Despite things going well for him apart from his brother moving during the first half of 2017, Expi's anxiety seemed to have come back during summer vacation and caused him to lose motivation on projects, including Town of Anibi, which he ended up posting 2 chapters of before delaying it and completely changing the title and direction of the series into The Two Cats. This was likely due to him being home all day without anyone talk to while his parents were at work following his brother's move. At this point, Expi aimed to get of the house a few times, which he did by going to Micro Center and the Denver Zoo during the course of the summer. Expi also ended up renewing his interest in Linux due to him trying out different distros around this time on his Thinkpad and through VMWare such as Kubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, Debian, Antergos and Solus (albeit sticking with Linux Mint for the most part). More concern regarding ROBLOX hit Expi in the middle of July, when it was announced that ROBLOX was merging the forums, including Off Topic, which he frequented between 2011 and 2015, into 5 categories. Expi decided to go back to Off Topic for the remaining days, and this massive change led him to create a forum simulator video to commemorate the end of Off Topic, the first he made since 2014. This anxiety led into his junior year of high school, and continued throughout the first semester due to the more difficult work compared to previous years. That same semester he also took college level graphic design courses which added to his workload. However, he did get back into writing reviews and editorials for the first time since 2016, starting with "Thoughts on PC Gaming: Revisited (2017)" and "Thoughts on GNU/Linux." In October, he also took a trip to New England (particularly visiting Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island) where he, his mother and aunt toured around. Towards the end of year, more news regarding the ROBLOX forums came out stating that they would be removed altogether, however this didn't upset Expi so much since he felt that they might as well have removed them after the forum merge. After getting a bigger SSD for Christmas, Expi decided to dualboot Linux Mint on his computer alongside Windows 10 as a way to get more hands on with Linux as an alternative and experiment with it more. Expi overall considers 2017 a "mixed bag" of a year, saying that it had a really strong first half with him getting better and being more involved at school, making friends in real life, getting better at digital art, going out to places more and getting back into writing and Linux, however was dragged down by his anxiety coming back in the later months and generally being a slow, boring year following summer vacation.

2018 has not been ending up much better, due to stress relating to his junior thesis and overall anxiety still carrying on after 2017. It also hasn't helped that 2018 has generally been a boring year for Expi with the only "exciting" that has happened being him visiting his brother over spring break. One positive aspect, however, is that his "ExpithePCNerd" channel has gained a lot of subscribers after uploading "steamed hams but it's a roblox obby." Despite this, 2018 has been another "mixed" year for Expi so far and is unknown whether it will pick up after this point.

At the moment, the Expi era is still new with things happening, and it is unknown how long it will last, but is likely to end in 2019 with ExpitheCat becoming an adult.