ExpOS 2 Peacock is an OS created by Expintertainment on September 1, 2017 following the release of ExpOS. ExpOS 2 will be the last fictional Expintertainment distro, and in universe will be supported with a "rolling release" model. Screenshots for this OS were created using a virtual machine of Debian and is in the style of Mac OS X. ExpOS 2 is mentioned as using the MATE desktop but also has versions with KDE and Cinnamon.

Like it's predecessor, ExpOS 2 is targeted towards professionals who need a stable operating system that comes with a handful of programs for art and video creations and can handle heavy multitasking. ExpOS 2 comes in four variants, a normal version available for $20 recommended for consumer-level use, a Pro version for $40 recommended for professionals, a Server version for $60 recommended for running servers and a Home Theater for $5 that comes with a minimal amount of processes and programs with it's own GUI recommended for Home Theater PCs.