ExpOS is the fourth line of OSes and computers made by ExpitheCat under the company name of

Expintertainment in 2017, replacing the Alphix Mint line which in turn replaced the ThomWindows line roughly a year and half earlier. Unlike former OS lines, ExpOS is not based off of anything and is more of an original OS line that has elements similar to Windows 10 and Mac OS.

In-universe, ExpOS is an OS line geared towards professionals, such as artists and

studios that need a stable OS (and/or computer) that can handle heavy multitasking and use by these kinds of professionals. As of right now, ExpOS comes in two variants, with one being a regular version for $40 and a Pro version for $60, however Alphix Mint 17.x and 18 users are given the ability to upgrade to ExpOS for free.

On September 1, 2017, ExpOS 2 was announced by ExpitheCat and was later revealed have the full name of "ExpOS 2 Peacock" and will have four versions - Standard, Pro, Server and Home Theater Edition.


ExpOS desktop

ExpOS Computers

  • Expintertainment Studio Workstation
  • Expintertainment Desktop Workstation
  • Expintertainment Studio Cube
  • Expintertainment StudioPad


  • Despite not being made to resemble any existing OS, an openSUSE-based version of ExpOS has been made by ExpitheCat using SuseStudio.
  • As well, the Expintertainment Studio Workstation and StudioPad were designed after the Microsoft Surface Studio and Surface respectively.
  • Unlike previous ExpitheCat OS lines, there is no "default" computer version made as a free model (unlike, for example, the models for Alphix Mint 18, ThomWindows 1337, etc.) and the OS is only available through the four different computer models listed above.
  • The Expintertainment Studio Cube was designed after the Thermaltake Core V21 case, which is the case ExpitheCat uses for his actual computer build in real life.