Club Penguin Failz was a planned series by ExpitheCat that was cancelled before any episodes were uploaded. The series was initially announced on December 31, 2010 in the video "Goodbye 2010, Ohai 2011" and was described to be a series about "a penguin who has terrible fails." It would've likely taken either the ROBLOX Epicsodes and Nooby Robloxian format in which it revolved a penguin who ended up getting into trouble, however the series ended up being completely forgotten by ExpitheCat before any episodes were made and it's creation became even less likely when ExpitheCat stopped playing Club Penguin after just a few months.

ExpitheCat ended up being reminded of the planned series a couple years after the video was originally uploaded, however by then it was officially considered cancelled due to the series being forgotten about for a long time at that point

April Fools 2017

Despite the series being forgotten and cancelled, ExpitheCat ended up bringing it back up for April Fools 2017, uploading a video titled "Club Penguin Failz - Episode 1" on April 1st, 2017. Just two days before then, Club Penguin ended up being discontinued for "Club Penguin Island." To commemorate this, ExpitheCat decided to upload what seemed like the first episode of the series after being announced over 6 years ago. In the video, ExpitheCat is seen watching "Goodbye 2010, Ohai 2011" and sees that he announced the series back then. After going to Club Penguin's site to begin recording however, he ends up discovering that the site was discontinued, proceeding to him leaning over to his computer while news articles and videos about Club Penguin's discontinuation shows up on screen, accompanied by a MP3toMIDI version of "Simple Plan - Untitled."