Amethyst (DK) was a channel created by ExpitheCat and TeratheGreat on June 22, 2016. The channel was created as part of the "SiIvaGunner" fad that was going on at the time, with a focus on "high quality" clips of cartoons that would turn out to be memes and jokes. Videos were regularly uploaded for about a month, but afterwards the channel would remain dormant and not take off. ExpitheCat continued the project on Twitter for a little while, but it would remain largely inactive.


Amethyst (DK) was thought up by Expi's friend TeratheGreat as a Youtube channel that would focus on "high quality" cartoons clips based off of SiIvaGunner and similar channels at the time. The channel would be contributed to by Expi and TeratheGreat as they would create short clips that would be titled after clips from cartoons but turn out to be a joke or meme. It was decided that TeratheGreat would be the only one who would have access to the channel to prevent inappropriate uploads by future contributors. A lot of ideas were discussed between Expi and TeratheGreat, even the possibility of lore, but in the end TeratheGreat would not be able to upload or keep the channel running, which would leave the channel inactive. The last video that was uploaded was titled "Flintstones Intro (Canadian Version)" on August 20, 2016. Since then, there have been no new uploads on the channel, but Expi would go on to create a Twitter account and continue the project there.

Twitter Account

After the channel became inactive on Youtube, ExpitheCat decided to continue creating uploads on Twitter. While not as often as the Youtube channel in the month span, uploads would be fairly regular up until the end of November, starting with an MLP clip on September 24, 2016. In November, ExpitheCat go with the original plan of using lore and begin uploading clips that would establish it. However, after November 27, 2016, new uploads sort of halted until the following January, where a couple more uploads were created before the channel was put on another mini-hiatus. ExpitheCat decided to try and continue, and the next part was uploaded on March 31, 2017, and afterwards the Twitter account was renamed "Flowey (DK)" going with the idea of Flowey taking over the channel. However, after this, uploads would once again stop coming and after one more upload on September 23, 2017, the project has been considered cancelled until further notice.

Use in other places

Amethyst (DK) was often used as a character in ROBLOX PBS games in the later half of 2016. She would often be seen with a red car playing the Denmark national anthem and was a roommate for ExpitheCat. In some cases, she would leave ExpitheCat and sometimes take all of his stuff with her. She did not play too big of a part in any of the PBSes other than that.