AlphystheLizard Studios Headquarters was a place made on August 22, 2015 as a new studios building succeeded the 2010 Thomasfan6 Studios and made with the reboot of Thomasfan6 Studios (later named ATL Studios) and the line of products made by him around the time of creation. Originally, the place was named Thomasfan6 Studios Headquarters but was renamed AlphystheLizard Studios Headquarters in January 2016 to accommodate ExpitheCat's at the time name change to AlphystheLizard. The design of the building utilizes the "T" shape often used in PBS games and other places by him and his friends at the time of it's creation, designed with a fairly crude and older aesthetic with the same idea of the classic ROBLOX Studio HQ building and model, which was also used in the 2010 Thomasfan6 Studios.

The place was often updated accommodating new ideas and new ATL Studios models throughout 2016, but after July 16, 2016 no new major updates were made until around 2017 when the place was put into a new place slot (due to ExpitheCat not being able to activate any new places after he stopped paying for Turbo Builder's Club) and put into his Place Universe. Afterwards the place slot originally used was replaced with "Expintertainment Headquarters"


Floor 0 - Basement, "Alphys" Easter Egg

Floor 1 - Lobby/AlphystheLizard Studios Store

Floor 2 - TF6/ATL Studios Computer Showcase and History

Floor 3 - Meeting Room

Floor 4 - Disappearing Floor Testing Facility

Floor 5 - Delorean Display

Floor 6 - AlphystheLizard's Office and VR Area.


  • Despite his username and place name change, the place retained the initial "T" design up to when it became unsupported and abandoned.
  • The Disappearing Floor Testing Facility had ideas that traced back to an idea of a Disappearing Floor game by ExpitheCat in mid 2015. However, this place never came to be due to ExpitheCat's low programming knowledge and lack of interest in the project.
  • This game has a few easter eggs, mostly among its first floor and the basement area. Most of these require codes, and among them are a shrine of Alphys pictures and a "personal log/diary" room.
  • One of the computers in the basement area has a screen referencing the Jurassic Park "magic word" scene showing the same console style saying "access Thomasfan6 Studios Server," "rarity and gilda data sector" and "Thomnux Mint Information"