Alphix Mint (formerly called Thomnux Mint) is a line of ROBLOX computer models replacing the former ThomWindows line. The line is based off the the Linux Mint distribution of Linux-based operating systems, and came in a few different forms other than the main models, unlike the ThomWindows line. The first model was released as Thomnux Mint on August 25, 2015, however the line was renamed as Alphix Mint as of the release of Alphix Mint 17.3 due to the new company name. The final Alphix Mint model was ATL Studios Lizard PC 7300 on August 16, 2016, and as of March 2017 it was officially replaced with ExpOS and the Expintertainment line of computers.

Models Edit

  • Thomnux Mint
  • Thomasfan6 Studios NB1337
  • Thomasfan6 Studios Laptop Pro
  • Alphix Mint 17.3
  • AlphystheLizard Studios NB1450 Notebook
  • AlphystheLizard Studios Probook 2016
  • Alphix Mint 18
  • AlphystheLizard Probook 18
  • AlphystheLizard Studios N2345 Netbook
  • ATL Studios All-in-One
  • ATL Studios Lizard PC 7100
  • ATL Studios Lizard PC 7200
  • ATL Studios Lizard PC 7300

Trivia Edit

  • Despite not having any subtitles along with their OS names, the Alphix Mint operating systems are sometimes mentioned as "Thomnux Mint 17.2 Griffin Edition" or "Alphix Mint 17.3 Lizard Edition" every so often.
  • In RPs and places, "Special Editions" of Alphix Mint OS copies were seen in stores for $5-$8 which advertised stuff like video games and extra features included.
  • Unlike the ThomWindows, there weren't any special editions of Alphix Mint computers made for holidays or screens of death.